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    Google Adsense Premium Accounts

    Many people believe that Google provides premium Adsense accounts to publishers having big Audience and Authentic sites, but these all are myths, we asked the Question from Google Adsense representative about Premium Adsense accounts and what we got is here, but before we tell you reality about Adsense premium accounts, I would like you to tell you about premium Adsense accounts which people believe to be existed, Premium Adsense accounts are thought to be the Golden accounts which have no limitations of Ads and are totally free of Adsense policies, people think premium publishers get higher CPC and they are allowed to be used on languages Adsense currently do not support but I am telling you that these all are just myths and have no reality, yes, read more to know why.

    Reality of Adsense Premium Accounts

    Adsense do not have anything like premium Adsense accounts or publishers, while having live webinar with Adsense team a person asked from representative that “How to get premium Adsense account” but what he replied will totally blow out your mind, he answered with smiling face that:
    There is nothing like Adsense premium Account, we deal all publishers as premium publishers, every publisher is valuable for us and we deal everyone the same way.
    Yes, everything you heard before this about premium publishers was just a myth, but here are some interesting things you should know which are only available for big publishers (big publishers means Adsense owner with a lot of traffic):
    • Big Publishers can use sticky ad as their fourth ad unit, it is available for small publishers too but widely used by big publishers after confirmation from Google.
    • Big publishers are safe from click bombing.
    • Google representative helps big publishers to optimize Ads for their sites
    • Yes, CPC is somehow good for big publishers as high-quality ads are mostly served from authentic sites.
    • Some other products like Adsense videos Ads, Matched content and Adsense Custom search ads are only available to big publishers only.
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    Watch Adsense live webinar here.
    Hope, this clears your mind and thoughts, so know focus on creating something valuable rather than having premium Adsense account, your thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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