Tuesday, 24 January 2017


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Shortly after Donald Trump assumed office, everything on the Whitehouse’ official website was moved and archived on a new Obama website and was replaced with a Trump site.
The updated WhiteHouse.gov website neglected to include certain social issues that seem to matter to some America citizens, issues like LGBT rights, Civil rights and climate change.

A search for LGBT on the WhiteHouse.gov website came up with a blank.
Trump made it clear during his campaign that he was opposed to same-sex marriage and his Vice, Mike Pence, shares the same view has never hidden the fact that he is anti-gay.
Inflammatory comments were posted on news articles that pointed out the disappearance of the LGBT rights page, most of them frighteningly homophobic.
“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Men marry women or you won’t be with us,”  one comment read.
Meanwhile, human Rights Campaign president, Chad Griffin, has called on Trump “to reinstate the pages immediately.”
He said, “If President Trump truly believes in uniting the country, now is the time to make clear whether he will be an ally to the LGBT community in our struggle for equality. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect our community and our progress.
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