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    SEO and SMO Tips for bloggers to improve Google Ranking and get on the first page of Google

    If you are creating original and helpful content but still not getting enough traffic from search Engines, then this guide will surely help you to boost your ranking for getting more traffic. Many of new blogger doesn’t know how to get good ranking for their blog in Google search result with slight changes so read this article and start getting traffic for your site today.

    It’s all start with content

    As we all have heard a famous sentence that “content is King”, which is hundred percent right for search engine ranking, it help your site in many different ways to rank up in SERP results, if you are writing good, people will share it on social media which will increase your ranking, so first of all create content that is worthy for user and is engaging, but before content you should have proper keyword research. Proper keyword research and content make 80% of SEO ranking, so first we will discuss keyword research in short.

    Keyword Research

    Yes, keyword research is main step to SEO success, it’s not big theory to understood, its just a simple sentence that “Focus on those keywords through which people are searching”, means just choose those keywords using which people are searching for content and there is less competition in search result, if you are lucky enough to get those keywords and topics on which there are less competition and more searches than no one can stop you to rank your site higher in search result, once you have started getting little traffic, sooner you will see big boost for all other content as well.

    On Page SEO

    You may have heard about on Page SEO which is key factor in site ranking, on page SEO is not difficult, it’s only implementation of some good techniques to improve user experience, following are the main on Page SEO factors, try to improve them because you won’t rank higher without on page SEO.
    • Create content without spelling and Grammar mistakes, as Google is now clever enough to read and understood what you are writing.
    • Improve your site navigation system to make it easier for users to navigate.
    • Don’t put too many ads on a site and avoid pop ads, as people hate them.
    • Don’t make sneaky redirects to another site or page.
    • Don’t put too many affiliate link to your landing page.
    • Decrease your site loading time to improve ranking (Important factor).
    • Try to use SSL if possible, as Google is counting SSL as a security signal and improve ranking of those sites which use SSL.
    • And all other site improvements which increase users experience,

    Social Sharing

    Social sharing is heart of SEO as now Google count it as a ranking signal and giving it more value than Backlinks, so first step is to put social sharing buttons on your site to increase social sharing, try to force user to share your content on social networks, especially on Google plus, Facebook and Twitter.


    Backlinks are backbone of SEO, but only quality and related sites backlinks are important, low quality & spammy backlinks will move you down in search result, so backlinks power is in quality not in quantity, for example, if you have two sites with quality content, one site gets a lot of unnatural links from low-quality sites and other get only one natural link from top site like BBC than the site with only one quality link will rank higher than other due to power of Authority backlink.
    Don’t try to create too many backlinks as many times it hurts your site SEO, better is to create engaging content that other webmasters love to share it with their readers and if you need backlinks than only contact webmaster of related sites and request them to show your site link on their blog, so if they found your site worthy, they will link and your site will rank better.
    This is basic plus advance of SEO, if you will implement it correctly, then no one can stop you from ranking higher, so follow these tips as this is what I have learned myself in 3 years of SEO research, I hope you will gain ranking soon, if you have any question, suggestion. confusion or problem, then freely comment below, I will try my best to answer you for best Ranking.

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