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    Learn How To Use Connectify Best Free Alternatives to turn your PC into WiFi Device

    Connectify is an awesome tool for turning your PC/Laptop into WiFi Hotspot with many other features, but unfortunately it’s not free although they have elite version, elite version is full of ads and have very limited features, so here we have collected some best free alternatives of Connectify using which yon can enjoy all major features of connectify for free.

    Connectify Alternatives

    Before sharing free software’s, I would like to tell you that connectify main feature is to make hotspot so these alternatives focus on Hotspot feature compared to other features connectify have.
    Below are alternatives you can use to make your own WiFi hotspots.

    Virtual Router Manager

    Virtual router Manager is one of most trusted and used WiFi Hotspot software, many people prefer to use this software over connectify and others because of easy, simple, convenient use and design, I also prefer to use this software, its completely free, you can download this software from below given link.
    Installation and use are simple.

    Virtual Router Plus

    It’s another free open source software that use window Wireless Hosted network technology to make hotspots, you can use it in window 7 and higher, the biggest thing about this software is its portable use, just download and launch it to make your Hotspot.
    It is based on virtual router manage software we discussed before.

    My Public WiFi

    It is an easy and simple to use software that have many other features as well, apart from making Hotspots it also keep log of sites visited by people connected to your HotSpot, you can also grab it for free from below download link.


    Window Hotspot is another free software that have a lot of other features that are also not present in connectify, you can make Hotspot with one click and can keep log of all sites users visited, also you can monitor bandwidth usage and can see IP and Mac Address of users connected to your WiFi.

    160 WiFi

    This tool is best for PCs which are still using window XP, interference is not modern but still it have a lot of features, you can manage and control all of your Hotspots, its support both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.


    This is freeware software available for window 7 and higher, maximum of 10 users can connect to your Hotspot, it is also simple and easy to use.


    It’s another portable WiFi Hotspot that you can use without installing, just you have to download it and run as administrator, it is also simple with many free features.


    Connec8 enables you to share your internet connection from any device whether it is USB dongle or Lan connection, it also have a friendly version and simple easy use.

    What Connectify have extra that these software’s don’t have?

    Connectify provides some extra features which most of these software’s lack, some of them are:
    • File transferring over WiFi (Fingling).
    • Peer to peer connection.
    • Dispatch to improve internet perfomance.

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