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    Google Adsense change of country procedure and policies

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    Adsense now allows publishers to change their country if they are shifted to any other country. But still there are many policies and limitations, In many countries, Adsense still not allow the country change like Pakistan, China, India, etc but we have a solution for that too. Adsense country changing is very strict and risky, as many people who have successfully changed Adsense country got their Adsense banned, but if you still want to know more about changing Adsense country in a legal way, keep reading.

    How to change your country in Adsense?

    To change Adsense country normally, follow the below procedure:
    1. Open Adsense account in new tab,
    2. Go to Payee Profile section,
    3. Click on Payee profile,
    4. Now click on edit button,
    5. Here you can change your country, but if you do not see country change button then you may not be able to change your country, but still there is a procedure, which is next to this.

    Change country in Adsense (2nd method)

    If you want to change your Adsense country safely without a risk of being closed, follow below procedure.
    First, you should have earned more than 25$/week for last five weeks, if you do not have earned enough amount, then first earn that amount, as it is necessary for contacting Adsense team.
    If you have earned enough amount, go to support center and click on contact button, here choose Adsense details>Changing Adsense country, now a form will open, fill it accurately and tell Adsense team that you are moving to another country, they will reply you in few days and they might require proof of residency in another country,
    If they found your application worthy, they will help you to change your country, otherwise, you have to close your current account and have to create a new one for another country.

    Country Changing Adsense Limitations

    • You can only change your country in limited places like USA Adsense country can’t be changed to the UK, but you can change it to Virgin US states,
    • You can not change your country through this process if you are living in India, Pakistan, China, etc
    • If you have changed your Adsense country successfully then you have to re-enter your payment and Tax details.
    Adsense is a life changing game, but it all depends upon your honesty and loyalty, if you are loyal to Adsense, they will surely help you.

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