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    January 14th 2017 Is The Official Burial Date Of MMM Nigeria

    Nigerians will never stop to amaze me this  MMM scenerio further more illustrates the saying that Common Sense is not actually Common.
    Since MMM Nigeria froze its users’ accounts According to many MMM Crusaders online have come to its defense according to many of them they are so blindly and dont want to accept the facts even when it is staring at them eye ball to eye so many of them say this “This Christmas period everyone would want to GH (Get Help Aka Collect their Money) and that won’t be good for the system, so this freezing will control the rate of GH and make it orderly”.
    Well sorry to burst your bubble because this logic is a completely failed logic Its dead on Arrival.
    Firstly it defiles MMM Nigeria’s own Principle; Put N100k and get 30% of your money in 30days (They never informed their Participants about any type of extra 30days Compulsory wait period)
     Secondly They have failed all their Participants woofully i personally know people who stategically put in money last month Just because of Christmas and New year Celebrations and have already planned out how they are going to use this money. some where so confident in MMM they even borrowed money and made promises based on their trust in MMM.
    Thirdly We all know that January is a time in Nigeria where we all have just spent alot of money during the festive period and not only that we now have house, rent school fees and many other expenses to renew at this time, as a matter of facts many Nigerians share the ideology that January is the Hardest Period in Nigeria abeg tell me where then does MMM expect people to then get “Spare Money” to pump into their system??????
    Not only that, take for example lets assume that they are 3million mmm Participants and 2.5million of them where requesting to GH(Collect Their Money) this december, and only 500k where available to PH(Give them Money), lets assume this was why the system had to be frozen because the equation was uneven, now explain to me exactly where MMM will get the remaining 2million people that will have “Spare Money” to pump into their system??????
    They say jan 14th is the day accounts will be Unfozen but i say this is the official burial date off MMM, Beacause even if on January 14th 2017 MMM unfreezes their Participants accounts do you think more people will want to join such system that can freeze your accounts without any Prior warning at anytime?  who knows maybe the next time they will freeze accounts it will be for 3months, They have used their own hands to destroy their Credibility.
    The funny thing is this i take my last statement back, MMM has not lost its Credibility as a matter of facts they did not do anything wrong and you will be shocked to know that i dont even say this Sarcastically;
    Now take for example MMM Alerted Nigerians about this 30days Freeze do you know that it would not have made any single difference?? How You May Ask Right???
    Lets take for example on the first of october MMM Announces that on the 1st of december the system is going to be frozen Okay sounds like a genius idea right??? now people who paid in money october will be paid by people who put in money November now who will pay those November People???? We will still have this exact same scenario where some group of persons will have their money trapped inside the system, A Word they say is enough for the wise MMM is going to crash one day and the last set of people aka let us call them “November People” will loose out big time.

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