Saturday, 12 November 2016

I Bet You Don’t Know This Top 5 Tricks On Google Search Engine

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So many people understand that google is the best and most popular search engine that helps them find a useful and necessary information they are looking for. However, there are so many tricks you have to apply on google search engine every time you need to find something important. These tricks will make your search easier and faster and you will find what you need immediately. These aren’t related to using google app store or other external applications from google. You have to change your orientation about how you use the google search engine with these simple tricks/tips:
1. Educational Researches:
  Whether you are schooling or you are a writer, you must try this google trick. I love learning about something new and when I need to find the truest info about what I need to search, I just type ‘site:edu’ first followed by what I need to find. This option will help limit the number of educational institutions or colleges. Sometimes I also type ‘site:edu intitle’ and followed by what I need to find. For example, type ‘Oxford:edu diet’ to find the best results from Oxford University.
2. Particular Website:
When you want to find some vital information on a specific website, use this amazing google tip. Just put in the word ‘site,’ then a colon, the website and the keywords of the information you are looking for. Forexample, if you need to find something about Fun And Jokes here on Akhampapa, type ‘ fun and jokes’, and start the enjoyment of ninja feeling.
3. Recent Websites:
If you want to look for a newly created websites synonymous or related to your favorite websites, you do not  have to spend eternity searching for them. Just specify your preferred website in your search,  then add the word ‘related’ and a colon and wait for the results. Forexample, if you are looking for other websites related to facebook, this is what to type in ‘’  I know for sure you won’t use this trick regularly, but it’s worth knowing.
4. Power Of 2 Quotation Marks:
Are you looking for something definite? have you tried using double quotation marks? I often look for latest songs online (I am quite  sure I’m not the only one) and this google trick makes my search results a bit easier and faster. I put double quotation marks all around my search and google gives me almost everything containing all words I typed in the search box. You can also use double quotation marks to find quotes and many other things. This is surely one of the most useful Google tricks you should use every time.
8. Hyphen:
If you are a regular user of google search engine, you would know how difficult to find  what you want when you have two meanings. To conquer this and your search result  easier and faster, type in a hyphen between those two meanings. This will enable  you to avoid unnecessary information and get what you are actually searching for on the google engine.
If you are a student or worker, these google search tricks come with ease for you, study how to use them and have the great experience on google website every time you need to search something.
Have you heard or used of any of these tricks before? Do you know any other ones? Let me know in the comment box below.
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