Monday, 14 November 2016

"A teacher told my mom that I couldn't cope with medical school at 13," says Lilian Okafor as she becomes a doctor at 20

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Lilian Okafor shared her wonderful testimony via social media. Proof yet again that hard work and determination can get you anywhere. According to Dr. Okafor;

"I remember a teacher telling my mom when I finished high school at age 13 that I couldn't cope with medical school at that age but my mom knew her daughter....even though I waited for over a yr ( thanks to the struggles we face to get into 9ja uni), I went to Uganda(some pple laughed at me for going but it was the best decision..the reason is a story for another day😄) my degree, wrote the 9ja exam...passed ofcourse 😄 got inducted age 20😋..." Hey teacher, i did it well"..THANK YOU licensed in both east Africa and 9ja..Thank you mom and dad... Thank you baee..btw, dad needs to stop calling me a baby Doctor..."
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