Friday, 14 October 2016

Bridestead is beautifying Weddings, one bride at a time!

Couples and future brides can get excited about shopping rings and wedding dresses at Bridestead, because Bridestead is set to make wedding preparations an affordable and mind-blowing experience! Your bridesmaids can enjoy our discounts and feel like princesses without eating deep into your pockets!

Bridestead is offering heavy discounts on gorgeous bridesmaid packages:

1 Bridesmaid dress and a pair of earrings go for 20k!
1 Bridesmaid dress, a pair of earrings and a fascinator go for 25k!
1 Bridesmaid dress, a pair of earrings, a fascinator and a beautiful silk or satin robe go for 30k!

In addition, each package comes with a customized mug for your lovely bridesmaids!
But the bride is the star attraction, and Bridestead is offering future brides, the Budget Bride Package for as low as 300k! This package covers:

The dress rental, make-up and hair do for your traditional and white wedding, a stylish hair comb, a veil, a set of earrings, a bridal robe and a bouquet! What more could a bride need? Bridal budget covered!

You deserve a memorable, talk- of – the- town wedding and at Bridestead, you get nothing less!
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Or call 08170382753, 08170382760, 08170332028, 08170382751

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