Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Eagle Schnapps brings you the tradition & history of Ojude Oba in Ijebu land

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The Ijebu people are in the south central of Yoruba land. Contrary to some  people’s belief,  the Ijebus  are not  only found in Ogun state but also in parts of Lagos like Epe , Ejinrin & Ikorodu .They are known for their entrepreneurship and business acumen a fact which is insightful considering the Ijebus can be found in many parts of the world doing business and making money .

Asides from their business acumen, the Ijebus are very sociable people .Like the proverbial character, Jack, they work hard and celebrate well and are known to throw memorable parties. The Regberegbes which are the classes of age grades in Ijebu land are an instrument of social cohesion and mobilization. These Regberegbes form a great part of the story of Ojude Oba.

It is said that the Ojude Oba has been in existence for about 200years.  Celebrated by all and sundry in Ijebu land, the festival originated from when Islam advanced into Ijebu land. The King (The Awujale) at that time prevailed on his people to allow peaceful co-existence between proponents of this new religion and themselves giving them the freedom to carry on according to the dictates on their conscience.

In return, the new converts and their leaders paid homage to the Awujale for his hospitality, kindness and tolerance. This became a tradition embraced by all; those at home and those in Diaspora. It is celebrated on the third day of Eid-el-Kabir . Every year, the Regberegbes go to the Awujale in their most fashionable dresses to pay homage to him . It is indeed a melting point between culture & fashion. Beautiful arrays of colours worn by the illustrious sons and daughters of Ijebu land jump out at you at the occasion.

The story of the Ojude Oba will not be complete without mentioning the display by the Horse Riders who are representatives of the warrior families. The warrior families in the past had the task of protecting the Ijebu land. The energy these warlord families bring to the Ojude Oba is better seen than described. Their horse riding prowess and traditional gun salute are sights that visitors to the festival view with bated breath.

Ojude Oba is a great example of how culture, if well packaged, can be a tool for tourism & national development as a whole. Eagle Schnapps identified with this year’s edition as a brand that promotes tradition & culture.

Eagle Schnapps joins the Ijebu people to say
K ade pe lori
Ki bata pe lese
Kodigba pe lorun
Ki Oba pe titi.

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