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8 Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 to Run Android Games & Apps

windows 10 android emulators

We’re all about Windows 10 Mobile here, but the fact is that a lot more users use Android. However, a lot of Android users are also using Windows 10-powered computers, so we’re going to combine these two things, and present you the best Android emulators for Windows you can find.


droid4x windows android emulator

Droid4x is a relatively new Android emulator on the market, but that doesn’t decrease its value, as it’s one of the best choices for simulating Android on your computer. And there are even some nice improvements, since the first version. One of the most interesting things about this emulator, are add-ons, which make this emulator even more useful.
It comes with a pre-installed Google Play Store, and also beats competition in gaming, although some better options in terms of stability. Another great feature is an app which you can install on your Android phone, so you can control games on your computer.
You can download Droid4x for free, from this link.


bluestacks windows android emulator
Bluestacks is definitely the most famous Android emulator on our list, and it was also the most widely used Android emulator, until some time ago. It’s generally free, but it can occasionally install some bloatware on your computer, which definitely decreased a popularity of this software. There’s also a premium version that comes without bloatware, but that one is going to cost you $2 per month.
In general, Bluestacks is the best for playing Android games on their computers, but it’s okay for other purposes, as well. Also, it’s very simple to use, so even if you’re not an ‘advanced’ user, you’ll do good with this emulator.
You can download Bluestacks from this link.


AMIDuOS windows android emulator
AMIDuOS is also a great Android emulator, it even comes in two versions, one running Android Lollipop, and the other one powered by Jelly Bean. But using AMIDuOS comes with a price, as the Lolipop version costs $15, while the Jelly Bean version costs $10.
AmiDuOS will work exceptionally well on your computer, and it is good for variety of tasks, from productivity to gaming. However, this emulator is not so good for developers, as it doesn’t give you device-specific configurations, but for regular users, it’s a very good choice, if you want to pay for an Android emulator, of course.
Download AMIDuOS from this link.


Andy windows android emulator
Andy is another relatively new Android emulator for Windows. It used to be a little buggy when it first came out, but most of the issues have been fixed since then. It is also good for a variety of tasks, but as well as Bluestacks, it will install some bloatware on your computer.
Andy supports some unique features that are not supported by all Android emulators out there, like remotely playing games on your computer from a mobile phone, ARM support, and the ability to directly install apps, using your desktop browser. Also, Andy will require you to install VirtualBox to use it.
Andy is completely free of charge, and you can download it from this link.


Windroy windows android emulator
Windroy works like any other regular Android emulator on this list, but it has something unique, it completely runs using the Windows kernel. Windroy is perhaps the simples emulator to use on this list,because of its lightweight design.
As we pointed out, apps and games work well on Windory, so if you want a handy, simple to use Android emulator on your Windows PC, you definitely will take Windroy into consideration. It also fully supports Play Store.
You can download Windroy for free from this link.


Genymotion windows android emulator
And now something for developers! Genymotion is absolutely the best Android emulator you can get, if you’re into developing Android games on your computer. It emulates apps and games on a variety of Android devices, without requiring you to own that device.
Also, besides choosing the device Genymotion will ‘act’ as, you can also set up various versions of Android, so you can experience how apps and games work in different environment. You can, as well, easily switch between devices, by your desire. Genymotion is something like the oppsite of AMIDuOS, because it’s great for developers, but not so great for regular users.
You can get Genymotion from this link.


Nox windows android emulator
Nox is another fairly good Android emulator for playing Android games on your PC. To complete the gaming experience, Nox offers some additional utilities and additions, such as the support for computer’s keyboard and mouse, as well as the gamepad.
It could be laggy sometimes, but overall impression is satisfying. Another good thing is that it doesn’t come with any additional software.
You can download Nox for free from this link.

Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin Android Player windows android emulator
Xamarin Android Player is probably the least known Android emulator on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. It actually runs well on your PC, and as some tests show, it’s almost completely bugless. This emulator is completely compatible with Windows 7,8, 8.1 and 10, so you don’t have to worry about that.
Like Genymotion, Xamarin is also mainly focused to developers, offering a simple user experience. Xamarin is completely free to download, but like some other emulators on this list, it requires VirtualBox to be installed on your computer.
You can download a 32-bit version of Xamarin Android player for free, fromhere, and a 64-bit version from here.

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is the newest Android emulator for Windows PC and the only one that allows users to play multiple games at the same time. Thanks to this tool, you can run Android apps and games in multiple windows on your PC, and chat with other gamers at the same time. Remix OS Player is based on Android Marshmallow which means you can enjoy the latest apps and games Android has to offer.
Remix OS Player is completely free, it’s free to download, free to play, and free to update. This emulator comes as an exe.file, which makes its installation very simple.
The recommended system requirements are the following:
  • Windows 7 (64-bit) or newer
  • Core i3 (Recommend Core i5 or Core i7)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 8GB Storage (Recommend 16GB)
  • Enabled Virtualization Technology in BIOS
You can download Remix OS Player for free from Jide Technology.
We finish our list here. As you can see, there are a lot of useful Android emulators for Windows out there, which is a great improvement over a few years’ period. You basically can choose the right emulator, based on your needs, skill level, and desires, which is great.
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